We show PUR gastronomy to the CETT

The students of the High Gastronomy, Executive and Creative Cooking course at CETT-UB were able to learn first-hand how we understand gastronomy and teamwork at Pur in Barcelona.

On Wednesday, 20th of February, I visited CETT to do a master-class with Maties Coll, the head chef at Pur, in front of about thirty students who are expanding their university knowledge in the world of haute cuisine. I wish they would learn a lot from our experience and take advantage of it in their projects.

Cooking at Universo Santi, a kitchen integration project

To be lucky enough to open a programme with such noble intentions as that of chefs’ dinners at Universo Santi Restaurant is a real privilege. This Thursday, February 14th, I shared the kitchen beside people with disabilities in this restaurant located in Jerez de la Frontera, which promotes the social and gastronomic spirit of the great cook Santi Santamaría.

I was the first cook to participate in a series of special dinners to be held monthly on a Thursday with Michelin star chefs. As well as designing and cooking a seasonal menu with the restaurant workers, I also gave a 'masterclass' to teach them some cooking concepts.

Cooking with them has been a wonderful experience. I’d like to thank Fundación Universo Accesible for giving me this chance to highlight the memory of Santi Santamaria.

How beautiful is the Special Olympics torch!

You know I love sports and I can’t help but accept whenever I’m invited to participate in a promotional event. It was a fabulous experience to be involved in Thursday's reception for the Special Olympics Games torch, alongside its participants. They are champions!

I accompanied the torch through the streets of Barcelona, the first Catalan city to welcome the flame before it reaches Andorra la Vella, which together with Seu d'Urgell, will host the Games for people with intellectual disabilities. I am sure the Games will be a great success!

If you have a chance to visit any of the two cities from October 4th to 7th, you will have a great time with the athletes. There is a lot we can learn from them! They give their utmost to sport and they get better every day!

Brownie with pecan ice cream, the recipe that's an ambassador for Chocovic

Introducing the recipe that I developed as a member of the Barry Callebaut Ambassadors Club, Chocovic.

To make this brownie with pecan ice cream, you need to have already prepared: gianduja crème pâtissière, gianduja crémeux, candied nuts, nut crumble, caramelised nuts in syrup, pecan ice cream, chocolate sponge cake made with the pâte à bombe technique, syrup and cocoa tile. Next, on to the recipe!

The dish is prepared by the following steps:
1.- Place 4 spots of gianduja crémeux with half a pecan on each one.
2.- In the middle, place a line of cocoa crumble. Cut some pieces of frozen cake and immediately place them on top.
3.- Place a quenelle of ice cream on the brownie, and stand in the cake a
cocoa tile, an Ocumare chocolate tile and another made from Opal white chocolate, crisped in the oven.

I am very pleased to be promoting chocolate with new recipes in collaboration with Chocovic, spreading the word about this wonderful product.

The Barry Callebaut Ambassadors Club consists of over 150 internationally-renowned chefs, pastry chefs and bakers.

The club’s aim is to spread knowledge and techniques for working with chocolate to other master artisans to encourage the creation of new products, recipes, training, etc.

Anna participates as a jury member in the CETT Cooking and Catering Services Competition!

On May 14th, Anna Orte, our Can Jubany dinning room manager (and my mainstay at work and in my life!), was part of the jury on the 22nd edition of CETT Campus Cooking and Catering Services Competition.

In this edition, three teams made up of three cuisine representatives and two catering services defended their gastronomic proposal in front of the jury made up of: Anna Orte (Can Jubany), Juan Carlos Ibánez (Restaurante Lasarte), Lluís Estrada (Pastelería Canal), Vicent Guimerà (Restaurante del Antiguo Molino), Salvador Garcia-Arboç (Gastronomic Journalist), Carlos Sitjar (DAMM) and Alex Galí (DAMM Foundation).

The teams prepared a welcome cocktail, an appetizer (nominated in the preliminary phase and inspired by a Catalan cook), a pairing of Catalan wine, “trinxat” and served of a compulsory dish (cod and ratatouille) and a free-inspired dessert with a base of chocolate and Damm beer.

We like and are pleased to always be by the side of the future talent of this sector and it is indeed a pleasure to participate in the CETT initiatives. Good job !

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