On Catalunya Ràdio’s Popap, explaining how we handle social networks!

On June 28th, I visited Catalunya Ràdio studios as guest of Mariola Dinarès in Popap, the programme about digital communication. We chatted about how at Jubany we manage social networks, websites, reviews of Trip Advisor and Google and a thousand more issues!

I told her that, initially, I handled them myself alone because I was hooked on my mobile and I loved it, but for some years now I have had a professional team in charge of that, because I could not catch up with the work nor with the algorithms of these networks, which drive us mad by changing course according to which way the wind blows. I explained that Eva, Carol, Laura and Alba form my communication team and they are constantly updating websites, social networks and working on digital strategy.
It's true that I always have a last say in it, because I've always wanted the social networks to transmit Jubany’s essence, to reflect how I say things, and I wouldn’t want that to be missing.

I also gave my point of view about the criticisms we receive from Trip Advisor and Google. I love to know what our customers think of their experience and we use that as a tool for improvement. However, it is also true that there are people who use such wonderful platforms to do damage.

Anyway, here is the programme’s podcast in case you want to know how we handle it!

Listen to the programme



Can Jubany retains its 3 Suns Repsol award

The Repsol Guide has once again awarded us 3 Repsol Suns, its maximum distinction for the cuisine offered at Can Jubany. So now it's time to decorate the entrance of the restaurant with this badge honour, which will be valid for 2018.

The Repsol Guide awards the best restaurants with three types of recognition - one, two or three suns - depending on the level of excellence. The 3 Repsol Suns badge is a hallmark for restaurants that are considered the best of that year.

This time, only 37 restaurants received the maximum distinction, which goes to show how difficult it is to be one of the chosen ones. It's a great satisfaction for me! We're still at the top of our game!

We have already slaughtered the pig!

In Can Jubany, we are of traditions. Over the years I have seen how the pig was killed to spend all year with good sausages and meals.

And we do not want to lose it. Beyond being a sample of our farmer culture, slaughtering the pig means being able to feel how you offer in the kitchen what you have raised the way you want, with the feed and welfare of the animal that you have chosen...

Killing the pig at Can Jubany is a party. These are many hours of work to provide us with the sausages, dry sausages, “bulls” and bacon that we serve at Can Jubany!

In a few days you will enjoy this effort at the table and we will enjoy it more as we see that the effort is always worth it!

La matanza del cerdo es tradición en casa

Desde siempre el día de la matanza ha sido un día especial para mí porque me permite vivir la tradición del país junto a mi familia y amigos. El pasado domingo hicimos la matanza de dos cerdos para obtener todo tipo de productos que luego serviremos en el restaurante.

A través de la tradición de la matanza obtenemos productos de primerísima calidad elaborados artesanalmente y teniendo un cuidado exquisito de la materia prima. Hemos sacado un montón de embutidos. Butifarras, Bulls, fuets, longanizas, chicharrones... ¡se me hace la boca agua sólo de pensarlo!

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