"Casacas Rojas" paid us a visit in Serrat del Figaró

This Wednesday “Casacas Rojas” paid us a visit in Serrat del Figaró! Identified by the red coat they wear, they describe themselves as “chefs, winemakers or businessmen.” But above all, they are lovers of fine gastronomy!

Dressed in red, as the name implies, they came to Serrat del Figaró where we served them “escudella with carn d’olla”! (traditional meat broth)
And how they enjoyed it, yes sir! As it had to be, during the meal we heard the traditional war cry in two parts. First someone shouted “Festí” and then everyone joined in with the “Vaaaaal”.

So, with the “Casacas” visit, El Serrat undoubtedly became a Festivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!

As every year, the Can Jubany Christmas greeting is ready!

These days, the central services team at Jubany has worked harder than ever! And to their workload we have added the preparation of the traditional Jubany Christmas greeting, which we send to clients and friends.
We are bustling but it is for a good cause, because when these holidays arrive, in Jubany we all press the accelerator. And that means the administration team also!
El Romaní has been converted into the headquarters for the preparation of the more than 3,000 Christmas greetings, which we prepare. And don’t think that it’s only a question of putting them in envelopes, oh no!
Last year they bagged peas; this year they are handling neules, folding greeting cards, boxing...
My whole team dedicates many hours to make it possible that the Jubany Christmas greeting reaches your home!
We send more than 1,500 greetings by courier service and the rest we hand in to our restaurant customers.
Thanks to the team that I have, Jubany will be one more year in your home for Christmas!

El Suplement de Catalunya Ràdio, live from Can Jubany!

This Saturday Can Jubany became a radio studio! The team of Suplement de Catalunya Ràdio visited us to do Pep Nogue’s section "Tocant els fofons" live.

With Pep Nogué and Quico Arumí, the head of Can Jubany’s kitchen, we talked about how we cook the truffle at home. They went crazy when they tasted it!
Quico explained that it is his dogs who select the truffles for Can Jubany and commented on the types of truffles that can be found in our restaurant.
We talked about the figure of Quico in Can Jubany, about the years that he has been by my side and how he knows, even better than I do, how I like my cuisine to be.

We also talked about all of the restaurants we have and had a laugh talking about my hyperactivity and restlessness. I love my work and I am sure we could not achieve so much without the great team that accompanies me every day.

It was an entertaining morning. Quico and I had a great time talking about cooking.

You can listen to the entire programme here..

"Sold Out" at the Time Out Eat Festival

Awesome! We were "Sold Out" at the Time Out Eat Festival Festival that took place at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.
Yeah, yeah! You heard it well. There were no available seats left to enjoy a cooked breakfast, with a six-dish menu, desserts and drinks.
Together with my team, I chose a selection of the best Catalan products and offered a menu with: onion salad with olives, sliced DO (Designation of Origin) Catalan farmers bread with vine tomatoes dressed with oil and salt, DO cured sausage from Vic and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese from Alt Urgell and the Cerdanya, some PDO ganxet beans with pork belly and Spanish sausage roast, fried egg with fried potatoes and sobrasada and cap i pota from veal from the Pyrenees. And to finish, the sweet dish! A freshly made xuxo cake filled with cream and dried fruit desert with PDO hazelnut from Reus and muscatel wine.

I'm happy to have been able to show a selection of the best products of our beloved land! All in all, a great success!

5 years of Foc in Singapore and farewell to Jordi Noguera

It's a pleasure when I celebrate the anniversary of one of my restaurants. I visited Singapore for a few days because I could not miss Foc restaurant’s fifth year.
I went to celebrate that but also to say goodbye to Jordi Noguera to whom I have a lot to thank, because he has been the head of Foc from the beginning.

Cooking with four hands, on December 3rd and 4th we prepared the last dinner together called "Jordi's Last Plate menu".

In all sincerity, Jordi, I want to thank you for all the work done until today and wish you a lot of luck in your new stage!

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