In Despesques 2019, committed to avoid the waste of food and resources

This Monday I went to Barbate (Cádiz), in Despesques 2019, a day promoted by Ángel León with the Aponiente Restaurant team which brought together 80 chefs, with friends such as Joan Roca, Fina Puigdevall or Ferran Adrià, among others.

The aim is to create a model that avoids the waste of food and resources and that we can all assume and integrate into our lives.

The participants distributed themselves in 8 different working tables. At each table there were 9 cooks, an environmental expert, an industry representative and a moderator.

I was at the overexploitation working table, where "the sea" was discussed and where we worked on biological cycles respect, biological obstructions and whether we could adjust restaurant offers to these needs.

Bearing in mind that 90% of the Mediterranean fish stock is overexploited; we must all roll up our sleeves and do something about immediately.
During these working days, we have also had some leisure time and therefore all participated in a “Despesca” day out, a traditional fishing way in Cadiz, which consists of catching the fish that has previously been entered in artificial marshes.

From here, I would like to make a call to advance in sustainability, because we only have one world and we must protect it for ourselves and, above all, for those who come after us.

Solidarity Dinner at Liceu for Casal dels Infants

I feel very lucky! The Jubany Events team and myself have once again been able to contribute to such an incredible cause as Casal dels Infants. In this year’s edition of the Solidarity Dinner, 420 tickets were sold and 67,000 euros collected. This money will be destined to the maternity and children's programme Vincles i Minúscula, aimed at children from 0 to 3 years old and their mothers, mostly immigrants with a reduced support network, who are learning Catalan and Spanish together in shared premises. We are happy to participate in solidarity causes such as this.

In addition, we shared an evening at the Liceu with three good friends: Carles Abellán, Carles Gaig, Albert Adrià, with whom we prepared a special menu for the occasion including mini-cannelloni with truffle cream, golden egg with caviar, cured steak balloon and head of a whole roasted tuna in Asian style.

Doing the work you like, surrounded by people you love, while knowing that you are making your contribution towards a fairer world! Could anybody ask for more?

Delighted to sponsor “Mulla't (Get wet) for multiple sclerosis"!

This year's edition of “Mulla't per l’esclerosi multiple!” (“Get wet for multiple sclerosis!”) has been presented today in Barcelona’s Club Patí Vela. This year alongside TV3 journalist Elisenda Carod I have been asked to be its Patron.
When the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation asked to collaborate, I accepted without hesitation. Every year they do a tremendous job in raising awareness about this disease, which already affects 11,000 people in Catalonia.
So, on July 14th I want to see all of you swimming in one of the 600 swimming pools throughout Catalonia, which are collaborating in the initiative.
It will be a day to enjoy, supporting all the people and families suffering from this disease and also to help the Foundation to normalise the disease.
During the day, you can also collaborate, if you like, by buying the campaign t-shirts and towels. All funds raised will be dedicated to the various initiatives organised by the Foundation throughout the year to stop the impact of the disease.
So, on July 14th let’s get wet!

“De carne y hueso” (Flesh and Blood) Cooks with Cristina Jolonch

On Monday, May 27th I made sure not to miss the presentation of "De carne y hueso: Conversaciones sobre la gastronomía y la vida" (Flesh and Blood:Conversations on gastronomy and life), a book by Cristina Jolonch, which was held in the Mies Van Der Rohe pavilion in Barcelona.

The book includes interviews published by Cristina on the La Vanguardia channel COMER with people she believes have set the pace of cooking in Spain and in the world.

I'm very excited about being one of the cooks interviewed, alongside colleagues and friends such as: Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca, Oriol Castro, Ricard Camarena, Albert Raurich, Ferran Centelles, Toni Segarra, Raul Balam, Meritxell Falgeras, Carles Gaig, Fina Puigdevall, José Gómez, Javier de Las Muelas, Quim Vila, Pau Santamaria, Carme Ruscalleda, Paco Pérez, Jordi Vilà and Sergi Arola.

The director of La Vanguardia, Màrius Carol, said, "it is a gastronomic book without recipes. Or to be more precise: without culinary recipes, because there is a long list of recipes for how to face life." And I couldn’t agree more. Cristina has shown in each interview her ability to bring out the human side hiding behind the public projection of each cook.

Congratulations Cristina, not only for the book, but also for your incredible career in the world of gastronomic journalism! And a tip for those reading: do not miss the book!

¡Un Il·lusions a Taula de récord!

La sexta edición de la cena solidaria Il·lusions a Taula fue todo un éxito y batimos todos los récords: ¡900 comensales y 82.000 euros recaudados! Estoy muy feliz de poder colaborar una vez más en esta maravillosa iniciativa haciendo lo que mejor sé hacer: ¡cocinar para la buena gente!

La recaudación de la cena benéfica del Rotary Club de Vic-Osona, celebrada el pasado 17 de mayo, irá destinada a Osonament y a su proyecto TerapèuTIC, impulsado junto a la UVic-UCC para mejorar el pronóstico de los problemas de salud mental entre los jóvenes de la comarca con el uso de las nuevas tecnologías.

No es la primera vez que colaboramos con el Il·lusions a Taula, y ya os puedo decir que no será la última. Con el equipo Jubany estaremos siempre al lado de iniciativas como éstas para poner la cocina al servicio de las personas.

Gracias Rotary Club de Vic-Osona por contar conmigo y gracias a todos los comensales por sus aportaciones solidarias. ¡Juntos somos imparables!

Foto: Osonament

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