Un año más, al lado de Il·lusions a taula

Llega la sexta edición de la cena solidaria Il·lusions a taula y una vez más no me la quiero perder por nada del múndo. Estoy encantado de poder colaborar una vez más con Osonament y el Rotary Club de Vic-Osona para hacer posible esta iniciativa.

La recaudación de la cena de este año, que tendrá lugar el 17 de mayo en el Sucre de Vic, ayudará a hacer posible el proyecto terapéutico para mejorar la intervención precoz en los problemas de salud mental y adicciones entre los jóvenes de Osona mediante el uso de las nuevas tecnologías.

Colaborar con el equipo de Jubany Events para hacer posible el menú de la cena es un placer. Jamás dudo en dar mi apoyo cuando se trata de contribuir en este tipo de causas. Todo lo que he aprendido en los fogones está siempre al servicio de las propuestas altruistas.

Así que si queréis poner vuestro granito de arena, ya sabéis, el 17 de mayo, venid a saborear las Il·lusions a taula.

Turning Passeig de Gràcia into the Passeig dels Gourmets

Barcelona enjoys an excellent gastronomic area in Passeig de Gràcia and its adjacent streets. This is why from March 14th to 24th during the second edition of Passeig dels Gourmets I will be participating to raise appreciation of the love for cooking. This year, together with Carles Gaig, I will be taking part by preparing a menu ‘of four hands’ with the best of traditional Catalan cuisine.

The dinner will be held at the Restaurant Solc del Majestic Hotel & Spa in Barcelona on Tuesday 19th March and will consist of some appetizers to begin with, followed by four more dishes to reveal how Carles and I understand cuisine, and a dessert to sweeten the meal.

It's always a pleasure to cook with a teacher like Carles Gaig, from whom I learned so much and I am still learning. I’m sure the guests will also enjoy it.

Showcooking at Trufforum, the International Truffle Congress

You cannot ask for more! The International Truffle Congress, the Trufforum, arrives in Vic for the first time, with Jubany taking a key role. You know that we are great fans of this product. It is one of the best examples of what our land can provide.

The truffle is one of the jewels of Can Jubany's cuisine. So, what can I say? Well, simply that it has been a fantastic experience to serve the inaugural dinner for all of the professionals at the Congress with the Jubany Events team, and equally incredible to share a black truffle showcooking with 250 people in the Auditorium.

Quico and I explained how to use truffles using examples such as truffle oil, truffle juice and soft Tilos cheese.

We then prepared truffle butter, truffle millefeuille with foie gras and Apple, anchovy on straciatella, caramelized hazelnut and truffle; low temperature truffle egg with crumbs and soft Tilos cheese.

Congratulations Vic for becoming a city of reference in the international truffle circuit, and thanks to Trufforum for letting us share what we love so much: the truffle!

The New Wine Festival celebrates the first fruits of the grape harvest

A meal accompanied by a good wine is always a much better meal. That's why it is always a pleasure to get to know the first wines of the year, and even more when you are elected as the “event sponsor” of “Festa del Vi Novell”.

I am very grateful to have been part of this initiative promoted by nine wineries and supported by INCAVI, and obviously, to have given the opening speech on Saturday 17th of November at Palau Robert in Barcelona. It was a great opportunity to experience the joy of opening the very first bottles and therefore tasting of such.

Enhancing the gastronomic offer at the Hermitage hotel at Andorra la Vella Fair!

I would never ever miss the 40th “Andorra la Vella “ fair and here I am, this Friday, at the stand of the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, supporting them and giving visibility to the gastronomic proposal that we offer through the various spaces and restaurants of the hotel.

Because visitors love the incredible facilities of this hotel, but they also find an exclusive gastronomy in it, which is the added value for a stay and a differential aspect of the Hermitage.

I often come to this fair because it is a good opportunity to promote the Hermitage; we know that the gastronomic proposal that we offer in the hotel together with Hideki Matsuhisa combines perfectly with snow mood. Besides, Andorra is much closer than you might think! Don’t think twice and pay us a visit, it's great!

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