National Gastronomy Awards Dinner 2018

I had the pleasure of starting the month of March by preparing the dinner that the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition organised for the guests of the National Gastronomy Awards 2018.

With my team, we prepared a diverse menu with dishes such as 'peas with perica eggs, bacon and black truffle', 'our version of Cap y Pota with espadrilles', 'Royal hare with pear and beetroot' and for dessert 'Layered citrus fruit' and 'Baba rum flambé with ice cream'.

This year's winners of the Academy were Isidre Gironès, winner of the National Gastronomy Award; Joel Castanyé, chef at the La Boscana restaurant, winner of the Revelation Award; Isabelle Brunet de Monvínic, winner of the Maître d' Award; and Pordamsa, winner of the Academy's Special Award.

We are truffle lovers

I never miss Vic's wild truffle festival, and this year was no exception! Last Saturday, February 24th, the fourth edition of the event was held in the Sucre de Vic building and I took part in a round table discussion with my partner and friend Quico Arumí, Can Jubany's very own truffle expert.

During the round table session I was able to share my views on truffles in the kitchen and how we use them in the Gran Menú de la Tòfona. I also enjoyed listening to the experiences of Toni Sala, from the Fonda Sala, and Ignasi Camps, from Ca l'Ignasi.

I think we all had a good time with the attendees and it made for a great introduction to the subsequent workshops and lectures. One of these was run by Quico Arumí about truffle initiation. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Osona is the land of truffles!

I’m one of the solidary chefs of Business With Social Value

This Wednesday we presented the Business With Social Value (BWSV) at our restaurant Petit Comité. BWSV is an annual meeting of businesses, employment agencies and nonprofit organisations to promote business that brings social value. It will take place next Wednesday 20th December.

I will be doing my bit by taking part in the ‘Xefs Solidaris’ initiative, which will see twenty or so chefs prepare a 5 star menu, free to all those attending the event. If we want social organisations and companies to make progress, what better way than to reward them than with a host of gastronomic delights?

At the presentation at the Petit Comité I was very good company: Carles Gaig, Carles Abellán, Paco Pérez, Silvia Hofmann, Oriol Balaguer....with this handful of colleagues it's impossible not to make a delicious menu!

Cooking at Gastropirineus

This Tuesday I took part in the Gastropirineus, a meeting about cuisine and gastronomy with local products. I showed the audience how I work with game meats such as hare, partridge or wood pigeon and how well their flavours and textures go together with fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

During my gastronomic session, we showed the preparation of dishes such as 'Royal hare with pear and beetroot', shared the recipe of 'Wood pigeon roasted with Brussels sprouts and artichoke puree'. We also saw how easy it is to make delicious dishes with partridge such as 'Pickled partridge salad with escabechada'.

I really liked the closeness we experienced in Alp. Despite it being a few professional days, we got so much out of what has become a very authentic fair in its second edition and that cares so much about the gastronomy of the Pyrenees. I was there last year and it's always a pleasure to be back.

Download the recipes presented at Gastropirineus

40th Anniversary dinner of the Esclat Association

I participate in the 40th Anniversary dinner of the Esclat Association I am very happy to have been one of the twelve chefs to took part in the solidarity dinner of the Esclat Association on Friday, 10th November, and even more so having shared the experience with great friends such as Carles Gaig, Hideki Matsuhisa, Carles Abellán...

The dinner celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Esclat Association, which has always been committed to people with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities. I had also had the responsibility of coordinating the menu with my team. It was a pleasure to see the 23 creations served to the 560 attendees of the Oval Room of the MNAC.

So that you can imagine the success, the event was sold out and all the money raised will be go to finance projects such as of sports activities, cultural visits and alternative therapies for these people who deserve it so much.

Happy anniversary, Esclat Association!

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