Delighted to cook in tribute to Pasqual Maragall

Cooking sometimes gives me special moments, such as being asked to prepare, along with my team, the gastronomic menu for Pasqual Maragall’s tribute, which took place this Thursday 20th of September, the eve of World Alzheimer's Day.

My dishes were present at the encounter that several personalities enjoyed with the former president before the tribute. One feels very accomplished when the flavours in such intimate moments are those of our cuisine.

My sincere congratulations to the Pasqual Maragall Foundation for the great work they are carrying out. After ten years investigating the disease, their efforts and hard work can never be fully appreciated. Carry on!

foto: @fpmaragall

How beautiful is the Special Olympics torch!

You know I love sports and I can’t help but accept whenever I’m invited to participate in a promotional event. It was a fabulous experience to be involved in Thursday's reception for the Special Olympics Games torch, alongside its participants. They are champions!

I accompanied the torch through the streets of Barcelona, the first Catalan city to welcome the flame before it reaches Andorra la Vella, which together with Seu d'Urgell, will host the Games for people with intellectual disabilities. I am sure the Games will be a great success!

If you have a chance to visit any of the two cities from October 4th to 7th, you will have a great time with the athletes. There is a lot we can learn from them! They give their utmost to sport and they get better every day!

Fundraising dinner at the Liceu for El Casal dels Infants

You have heard me say this more than once, but I will say it again, because this is how I feel: You cannot imagine the satisfaction one feels after serving a dinner with three friends (Carles Abellán, Carles Gaig, Albert Adrià), knowing that our effort has contributed to a great cause like that of the Casal dels Infants.

And if that was not enough, it all took place on the Liceu stage! Can anyone ask for more?

I feel privileged to see that this country’s stoves can contribute so that children and young people at risk of exclusion may have more opportunities in life.

Yesterday, upon finishing the dinner, the 400 or so people who had enjoyed the meal applauded the chefs and the whole team that had made it possible.

But, you know what I say? That the huge, giant applause should go to El Casal.

My congratulations to all those who make it possible that the everyday lives of the young people in our country may be a little better. They are our future!

Brownie with pecan ice cream, the recipe that's an ambassador for Chocovic

Introducing the recipe that I developed as a member of the Barry Callebaut Ambassadors Club, Chocovic.

To make this brownie with pecan ice cream, you need to have already prepared: gianduja crème pâtissière, gianduja crémeux, candied nuts, nut crumble, caramelised nuts in syrup, pecan ice cream, chocolate sponge cake made with the pâte à bombe technique, syrup and cocoa tile. Next, on to the recipe!

The dish is prepared by the following steps:
1.- Place 4 spots of gianduja crémeux with half a pecan on each one.
2.- In the middle, place a line of cocoa crumble. Cut some pieces of frozen cake and immediately place them on top.
3.- Place a quenelle of ice cream on the brownie, and stand in the cake a
cocoa tile, an Ocumare chocolate tile and another made from Opal white chocolate, crisped in the oven.

I am very pleased to be promoting chocolate with new recipes in collaboration with Chocovic, spreading the word about this wonderful product.

The Barry Callebaut Ambassadors Club consists of over 150 internationally-renowned chefs, pastry chefs and bakers.

The club’s aim is to spread knowledge and techniques for working with chocolate to other master artisans to encourage the creation of new products, recipes, training, etc.

Can Jubany's cannelloni on RAC1's Morro Fi radio programme!

At midday I went to the RAC1 studios to talk about Can Jubany’s cannelloni recipe.
Along with Txaber Allué, the @cocinero fiel with thousands of Instagram followers, we spent
some good time with Joan Lluís Garcia, the broadcaster of the Món a RAC1 programme this summer.

Ultimately, I explained how we make our cannelloni, we discussed other chefs’ cannelloni dishes and also responded to suggestions and questions from listeners who called in.

The programme’s conclusion: we all feel a little lazy when it comes to preparing cannelloni; but how much we like them when ready, don’t we?!

You can listen to the programme and the recipe here:

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