¡Can Jubany cumple 24 años!

Este domingo 3 de noviembre, hizo 24 años que con mi mujer, Anna, la Morena, decidimos que abriríamos un restaurante junto a la rotonda de la salida del "Eix Transversal": es decir, que abriríamos Can Jubany.

A lo mejor habréis visto el vídeo que grabamos ambos y que colgamos en nuestras redes sociales. Decidimos recorrer el camino del huerto de Can Jubany hasta entrar dentro de las salas, recordando unos inicios que no fueron fáciles, pero que ahora recordamos con humor y con nostalgia.

Le digo a Anna: ¡Recuerdas morena que hace 24 años te enredé y te dije que aquí podríamos hacer el restaurante!
Y Anna me dice: ¡Y qué enredada!

¡Solamente os puedo decir a todas y todos los que durante estos años habéis estado a nuestro lado (clientes, equipo, proveedores, etc) que muchas, muchas gracias por hacerlo posible!

¡¡¡ Nuestro sueño se hace realidad cada día !!!
Felicidades a todos!

At Masterchef Celebrity, tasting the contestants' dishes!

On Wednesday, October 16, I participated as a jury in Masterchef Celebrity.

Together with chefs such as Javi Estévez, Marcos Morán, Nino Redruello and Rodrigo Garcia, we tasted the poultry dishes that the participants had to prepare in 75 minutes, taking advantage of the pressing technique potential.

You can imagine what a laugh we had with some of the contestants. Anyhow, we had a good time. Gastronomy and cooking must be promoted in different ways, if possible!

You can see the video of the tasting in here !

Celebrating with Gepork 40 years of turning clients into friends!

On Friday, October 11th we were in Sucre, Vic, accompanying the Gepork Group family in their 40th anniversary celebration.

We were by their side in two ways. On the one hand, I was one of the three examples of success in business entrepreneurship. Bon Preu General Manager, Joan Font and Splendid Foods CEO, David Garcia-Gasull explained the success story of their business projects.

And so did I: I revisited the business projects undertaken over the last years and explained at first-hand how we lived the experiences.

On the other hand, the Jubany Events team served a dinner for the 300 guests with pork-based dishes, as it could not be otherwise!

I could have written this post as a great celebration of the history and values of an exemplary business group, but for me to talk about Gepork is to talk about Josep Puigdollers. And talking about Josep Puigdollers, is talking about how clients sometimes become true friends!

Congratulations Gepork and hoping that for many years our customers can become friends!

Cerramos etapa en el Sport Hotel Hermitage de Andorra

It is impossible to summarize all the incredible moments that we have lived during these 8 years with the Calbó family and the whole team at the Hermitage in Andorra.

I start by thanking Carles Gaig for his drive at the very beginning, led by my chef Maties Coll and all workforces who helped us make this dream be great; taken over by Fran Jiménez, offering even more so as to achieve the challenge we had set ourselves at first: to create an unforgettable experience. To Hideki Matsuhisa, an incredible professional & enthusing person in all ways. To all of you, thank you very much for having helped us as much to achieve this great goal.

I could name many people who have put all their knowledge, heart and soul when needed, but surely I would forget someone and it would not be fair.

My feeling is that I enjoyed it very much. Fighting for a common goal, with enthusiasm and none stop, and in company of great people and great professionals who have left wonderful memories that will be mine forever.

We have decided to step aside and take another path; nonetheless we are certain that the great Hermitage family will follow with the same enthusiasm and professionalism this path towards a successful future.

Nosotros hemos decidido dar un paso al lado y emprender otro camino, pero seguro que la gran familia Hermitage seguirá con la misma ilusión y profesionalidad un camino hacia un futuro lleno de éxitos.

In Despesques 2019, committed to avoid the waste of food and resources

This Monday I went to Barbate (Cádiz), in Despesques 2019, a day promoted by Ángel León with the Aponiente Restaurant team which brought together 80 chefs, with friends such as Joan Roca, Fina Puigdevall or Ferran Adrià, among others.

The aim is to create a model that avoids the waste of food and resources and that we can all assume and integrate into our lives.

The participants distributed themselves in 8 different working tables. At each table there were 9 cooks, an environmental expert, an industry representative and a moderator.

I was at the overexploitation working table, where "the sea" was discussed and where we worked on biological cycles respect, biological obstructions and whether we could adjust restaurant offers to these needs.

Bearing in mind that 90% of the Mediterranean fish stock is overexploited; we must all roll up our sleeves and do something about immediately.
During these working days, we have also had some leisure time and therefore all participated in a “Despesca” day out, a traditional fishing way in Cadiz, which consists of catching the fish that has previously been entered in artificial marshes.

From here, I would like to make a call to advance in sustainability, because we only have one world and we must protect it for ourselves and, above all, for those who come after us.

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