A "Ara" newspaper for Jubany's 20 years 

During the celebration event of Can Jubany's twentieth anniversary was presented the newspaper of Jubany's 20 years, created together with the Ara newspaper team. Following the traditional sections of this generalist newspaper, the publication gathers up the evolution of the Jubany project from different perspectives. 

In this way, the international section shows Nandu Jubany's participation in dissemination actions related to cooking abroad, the society one talks about the evolution of the event branch of the group, the economics section brushes up the cook's most enterprising side with the opening of new business lines over two decades and the cultural section shows the fusion of Can Jubany's gastronomic experience with art and design.

The newspaper also contains classical Ara sections, like the picture “Mirades” ("Looks") on the central pages, the leading article or the “seen on Twitter” column. Moreover, it includes a interview to Nandu Jubany and Anna Orte by the journalist Antoni Bassas and articles by the journalists Josep Maria Ureta and Xavi Rosiñol.

You can consult it here