Jubany's cuisine in Christmas and New Year's menus

Jubany gastronomy participates in the Christmas festivities by offering unique proposals of author cuisine for special meals such as Christmas and New Year's Eve, either on offer to bring or close 2017 with a special dinner at Serrat del Figaró, in Taradell.

The Christmas menu incorporates traditional dishes of Catalan Christmas cuisine reinvented by Nandu Jubany as they are the “Jug of homemade broth ‘escudella’ “ the “traditional truffled cannelloni” or the “Christmas roast – meatball, chicken and duck with pears, plums and pine nuts” all closed with the “Christmas ball stuffed with chocolate and mandarine”. Reservations must be made before December 22 and must be picked up at the Serra del Figaró de Taradell on December 24 (from 3 pm to 8 pm).

For the New Year Eve, the Jubany gastronomy is offered as a proposal to take with dishes such as “Truffle dried sausage”, “a thousand island salad with wild salmon and its caviar” or “Pickled scallop in ‘escabeche’ ”. Also, you can find out the “Foie butter with dried fruits brioche”, “Stewed monkfish with ‘cap i pota’ roasted juice and eggplant”, “ ‘Angus’ beef rib with grenache, pumpkin chutney and spices” and the deserts which are “Lemon sphere with textures and flambé merengue”. It must be reserved before December 29 and be picked up by the Serrat del Figaró on December 31 (from 2 pm to 8 pm).

The New Year's Eve dinner at El Serrat del Figaró includes the proposals of the take-away menu but the complementary ones with ten more dishes with the traditional and avant-garde and an environment prepared to welcome the 2018. To enjoy dinner at the restaurant It is recommended to book in advance to guarantee availability.

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