Our Hare à la Royale, at La Coruña Gastronomic Forum 

This March 10th Nandu Jubany participated in La Coruña Gastronomic Forum with a workshop named "Fish and meat, blood dishes."Jubany presented one of his classics: Hare à la Royale, which he prepared with foie, pear and beetroot.

Juanjo López, chef and owner of La Tasquita de Enfrente, prepared a fried and pickled sea lamprey à la Bordelaise and mousse.

The Forum workshops are live cooking sessions, which include tasting.

For three days, from 10th to 12th March, La Coruña Gastronomic Forum will be, once again, the epicentre of gastronomy and one of the most important and prestigious meeting points in the European gastronomic circuit.