The Great Truffle Menu returns to Can Jubany

In winter the truffle season returns and truffles become the protagonist ingredient in Can Jubany’s cuisine. Once again, we are complementing our carte with the Great Truffle Menu, which includes a selection of starters, six main courses and two desserts.
Among the starters you will find dishes such as ‘Truffle butter with bread crust’, ‘Crispy cod belly’ or ‘Macaron with capers, smoked sardine and pumpkin puree’.

The main dishes include ‘Milfulles of toasted bread with truffles, mushrooms and foie gras’; ‘Burrata cheese with anchovies, sea urchins and truffles’; ‘Steamed peas with sea cucumber and truffles’; fried truffled egg from our hen coop with soufflé potatoes’; ‘Free-range chicken cannelloni with truffled cream’ and 'Whole truffle al papillote with pork belly and winter cabbage’.

And, for dessert there is ‘Truffled Til de Til·lers’ cheese with celery and orange jam’ and ‘Truffle ice cream on crunchy apple tatin’.

You can check The Great Truffle Menu here.