Recipes from Nandu’s home during confinement

As you know, whether confined or not, Nandu Jubany never stops. So, during these days of confinement he has decided to share the recipes he prepares at home daily with the family.

There is a bit of everything: Steak with vine tomatoes, Maties's father’s casseroled noodle recipe, Bananas with rum, Family caramel cream, Soubise Beixamel sauce, Baked fish, Lamb, Tenderloin, White Beans or Cream Bun, are a few examples.

The videos can be found on all of Nandu's social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and there is also a playlist on Jubany's Youtube channel.

In Nandu’s words: "I am happy to contribute to this situation, even from the stoves at home. If you enjoy it or have dared to cook them, I'm the happiest man on Earth!"

Good health to all!