Cafè d'Idees with Gemma Nierga

Nandu Jubany has been invited to Café d’Idees with Gemma Nierga.
The chef and his team have been a great example of resilience and overcoming during the pandemic, and a hope for the world of gastronomy, which has been badly affected by Post-Covid.

They have also been discussing a new project that they are very excited to present to the whole Jubany Family, their long-awaited book "Recetas para compartir en Familia" (Recipes to share with the family), which arose as a result of the pandemic and which has now become a reality. It includes the recipes that she shared on Instagram during the confinement. In addition to the steps for the preparations and illustrative photographs, we also find drawings by his most artistic son, Eudald Jubany, as well as a QR code that takes us to the video of the recipe.

In an interview in the Café d’Idees with Gemma Nierga, they have discovered their latest creation; Las Croquetas del Nandu, which has already become a success.