Suc d'Oliva Jubany

Monday 14th November the second activity of La Familia Jubany took place.

Where we went to Maials, Las Garrigues, where we saw how Jubany oil is made from the first fruit to become the 'olive juice'. An oil that is characterised by its body, fruity flavour that comes from the selection of the greenest fruits. And that we have chosen because you can all enjoy it at home.

The attendees were able to learn about the most ancestral activities such as harvesting olives using different methods, followed by a tasting of oils, a vermouth with the best nuts of the area and a meal in the village square of Maials.
The activity ended with a tour where we learnt how oil is made at the Maials Cooperative.

The whole team is very happy with the experience! Thank you very much to all of you who took part!