Nandu Jubany at Osona wild truffle exhibition

Nandu Jubany will participate on Saturday in the first Osona wild truffle exhibition, an event that aims at making the autochthonous truffle known and enhancing it in and out of Catalonia, and at associating it to the industriy and gastronomy as one of the attractions of this region. Can Jubany's cook will make a presentation on “The world of truffle and our experience”, that will include a culinary demonstration with this product. 

At the exhibition will be present Generalitat's Counselor for Agriculture, Cattle Farming, Fishing, Alimentation and Environment, Ms. Meritxell Serret, and there will be a panel session about forest management for the conservation, utilization and preservation of wild truffle. The event will end with a tasting and sampling organised by Osona Cuina. 

The event will take place in the auditorium of “El Sucre” in Vic, il will be presented and moderated by journalist Helena Garcia Melero, with live broadcast on the programme La Primera Pedra, on radio RAC1, where Nandu Jubany will be interviewed as well. 

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The truffle menu is back

In the middle of winter, truffle becomes for one more year the absolute centre of Can Jubany's cuisine. A few days ago, the restaurant's carte incorporated once again diferents gastronomic proposals, each enhancing this so typical mushroom, and offers the possibility to enjoy a menu which concentrates entirely on savouring this fundamental ingredient.

We are talking about the Truffle Big Meal, made up of a selection of appetizers, seven dishes and two desserts, always with the unique savour and aroma of the truffle as a guiding thread. Some of these dishes, like the cannelloni filled with free-range chicken roasted with truffles, are classics that, in the heart of this mushroom's season, never fails on Can Jubany's table. Others, like the grilled marrow with beef and truffle tartar, or the “Let's go and collect truffles” dessert, that invite the diner to look himself for a very special one that he can eat afterwards, are gradually becoming indispensable on the menu of this season of the year.

As a central protagonist of the dish or as a main complement, the organoleptic splendour of the truffle makes of this course a unique experience :

- Tribute to pork : our "llonganissa", crunchy cheek and  pork belly foam in a cone 
- Arbequina olive in its pure state with toast and truffle 

- Mille-feuilles of toasted bread with foie, caramelised apple and truffle 
- Onion soup with meatball, egg and truffle 
- Pumpkin gnocchi with parmesan whey and truffle - Maresme peas with roasted pork belly and truffle - Cannelloni of free-range chicken roasted with truffles and cream 
- Grilled marrow with beef and truffle tartar 
- Whole truffle en papillote with Brussels sprouts

- Truffled Tou de Til·lers cheese with orange and celery jam 
- Let's go and collect truffles

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