The best bluefin tuna at Can Jubany and Petit Comitè

Can Jubany and Petit Comitè participate in the Gastronomic Days of the authentic Mediterranean bluefin tuna from June, 3 to 12.

The real gourmets will be able to savour Grilled bluefin tuna loin with pickled sauce and vegetables, at the restaurant Petit Comitè in Barcelona, and Glazed upper part of the back of bluefin tuna with turnip spaghetti and potato gnocchi, at Can Jubany in Calldetenes. 

During these days, 65 restaurants of Barcelona's province will offer the most exquisite recipes prepared by the best cooks. The common feature will be the authentic Mediterranean bluefin tuna, Thunnus Thynnus. 

The Gastronomic Days are organized by Balfego and Gambes de la costa.

Jubany's gastronomy at the Festival of Pedralbes

From June, 11 to July, 16, in the Royal Palace and its gardens will take place the IV Festival Jardins Pedralbes.  A festival that will count on Jubany's cuisine to elaborate its gastronomy.

Jubany's team will offer a passage through the most representative dishes of its cuisine. A gastronomic passage that will lead the guests to discover a careful selection of the best products of our land. The menu is the result of a deep knowledge of the popular recipes and love for the gastronomic origins while not renouncing to anything, elaborating exclusive proposals full of classic formulations and modern approaches.

In recent years, great names of the international scene have come to Barcelona's meeting to offer their best repertoires during the warm summer nights. For this edition, outstanding musicians like The Cranberries, Milky Chance, James Morrison or Tom Jones will fill the scene of Pedralbes' gardens.

We invite you to discover this extraordinary place, an outdoor museum in the heart of the city.

To enjoy the gastronomic menu at IV Festival Jardins Pedralbes, you just have to book by calling to +34 649578789 or by writing to

Jubany's biomimetical cuisine at Worldbiomimetic Challenges & Awards in Barcelona

On June, 22th, Jubany's team will be in charge of elaborating the cocktail and dinner for the attendees of the Congress Worldbiomimetic Challenge & Awards in Barcelona. Biomimimicry focuses on the observation, comprehension, consciousness and practice that enable to understand nature from its own systems, patterns abd processes. During the dinner, Jubany will present some of his dishes on which biomimicry is applied, like The best olives in the world, Frozen raspberry of Bloody mary and wasabi, or The mimetic garlic of white garlic, amongst others. 

“Biomimicry is an amazing gastronomic way to make our contribution to raise consciousness regarding the force of nature added to creativity. Observing nature and applying it to cooking, we discovered the explosive potential of biomimicry”, Nandu Jubany says. The cook adds that : "although I didn't know yet about biomimicry, it was already being implemented in Can Jubany's kitchen. Because for us, biomimicry is nothing but common sense. If nature has already solved thousand problems and lives in balance, why shouldn't we learn from it ? Nature already failed thousand times and with trial and error, it found solutions.”

Some of the most important international figures of this field will take part to Worldbiomimetic Challenges & Awards, and projects that are on a prototype or launching phase and that show a connexion between the biologic mechanism, system or pattern while offering a solution to a challenge will be rewarded.

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