Nandu Jubany will race in the 2017 Dakar

The cook will take part in the next Dakar race in the motorbike class. Nandu Jubany has a long experience related to the motorbike world. Amongst others, he was Spain superior junior champion of Enduro on 250cc in 1989 and won the silver medal in the 6 days of Granada in 2000.

The cook wants that during all those training months his challenge and his efforts contribute to make the ARI project known and raise funds for it. It is a project of support and  intensive research of the Hospital Clínic (Barcelona) that was impulsed by Ari, a girl who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 13.

The aim of the project is to raise funds to strengthen the Home Care Unit so that the leukemia patients don't have to come to the hospital and foster the research for a treatment that would convert the Clínic in a pioneer hospital in Europa for the leukemia treatment.

"When I met Ari and knew about her project, it became clear to me that I would help them in a way or another. I want my effort and spirit of improvement to accompany and help them. What I will do has no merit whatsoever, compared to the struggle of thses patients, but if my action can help to publicize the project and to speed it up, I'll do everything I can", states Nandu Jubany.

Since February, the cook, who will ride a KTM, has begun his training at all levels (physical, nutritional and practice sessions). It will be possible to follow his evolution through the social networks and the blog, where Nandu Jubany himself will explain his evolution to get to the Dakar race.

Through his blog, donations can be done directly to the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona for this project.

Cena Jubany en la feria Lactium de Vic

Coincidiendo con la próxima edición de la Feria Lactium de Vic, el jueves 17 de marzo el equipo de Can Jubany servirá la ya habitual cena del programa, que de forma tradicional tiene lugar en el Temple Romà. Se trata de un evento organizado de forma conjunta con el gastrónomo Pep Palau y con el ingeniero químico y enólogo Raül Bobet, de la Bodega Castillo de Encús, que tiene por objetivo ofrecer un recorrido gastronómico por el mundo quesero, a través de 10 propuestas entre snacks, platos principales y postres.

El queso será el denominador común de todos los platos del menú, que buscan el equilibrio entre los sabores sorprendentes y contrastados de varios quesos catalanes, poniendo de manifiesto la gran calidad y enorme variedad de los productores de nuestro país. La cena quiere ser una interpretación de algunos de los mejores quesos catalanes integrados a nuestra cocina. 

Entre otros, el menú incluye propuestas como la bola de queso azul de Centelles, arroz cremoso de guisantes y yogur o cordero asado relleno de queso.

Podéis consultar el menú de la cena Lactium aquí (catalán)

Día: 17 de marzo 
Lugar: Temple Romà de Vic
Hora: 20:30 h
Precio: 80€
Se debe hacer reserva previa a:  / Tel. 649 578 789

A presentation by Nandu Jubany at the UVic seminar on truffle 

Nandu Jubany was one of the speakers invited to the fourth Seminar about Dissemination of Truffle Characteristics and Growing, organised by the University of Vic and that took place in Vic on February, 27. Can Jubany's cook made a presentation on the culinary resources that are necessary to elaborate a great menu focused on truffle. Jubany prepared quail eggs with truffle on the spot, that the attenders could savour.

The truffle seminar, which took place at El Sucre exhibition site and in the auditorium VIT, treated topics like the production of cultivated truffle or the management of truffle farms. Moreover, the wild truffle topic was addressed and strategies were presented to make truffle farming sustainable. In the afternoon, some practical workshops were carried out to learn how to recognise a truffle or how to analyse its aroma.

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