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Nine Michelin stars night in Switzerland

Nandu Jubany was one of the six cooks who offered on February 6, a Kitchen Party at the hotel Gran Resort Bad Ragaz (Switzerland). At the party were present some of the best Swiss chefs of the moment with international renown and with Can Jubany's cook as guest.

Jubany, accompanied by his chef of kitchen, Matias Coll, prepared and served two of his star dishes : pumpkin gnocchi with parmesan whey and ham, and rice with Palamós prawns.

The rest of the chefs who participated to the Kitchen Party were André Jaeger, chef of the hotel and restaurant Fischerzunft in Schaffhausen until he retired las summer and one of the more prestigious Swiss cooks of the last decades ; Nenad Mlinarevic, chef of the restaurant Focus in the ParckHotel Vitznau, considered the best young cook of Switzerland ; Tanja Grandits, of the restaurant Stucki of Basilea, considered the best female cook of Switzerland ; and Andreas Caminada, chef of the restaurant of the hotel Schauenstein Schloss in Fürstenau, currently at number 48 in The world’s 50 best restaurants ranking, and of the restaurant Igniv in Gran Resort Bad Ragaz. The team was completed by Renato Wüst, executive chef executivo of the same hotel.

Together, the six cooks accumulated a total of 9 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol suns and 102 points in the Gault&Millau guide. Nandu Jubany took part as cook of the Sport Hotel Hermitage in Andorra.

Birth of the crockery Nandu, a creation by Lagranja, inspired by Can Jubany's cook

Nandu Jubany was the starting point and inspiration to design a high gastronomy crockery that the famous ceramic products manufacturer Sargaledos ordered to the design studio Lagranja Design. After a large working process, the project has come to light this week. 

Sargaledos' order to Lagranja consisted in designing a crockery in collaboration with a famous cook. Lagranja's good relationship to Nandu Jubany, whom he collaborated with on previous occasions, made the design studio choose him as a reference for the creative process. Jubany got involved by guiding and counselling Lagranja during the creative process from the cook's point of view, making contributions related to the requirements of the dish, presentation, relationship between support and content, etc. 

The result is a collection called Nandu and that consists in five items. The crockery was created with the will to get the nose closer to the food, giving the sense of smell the full importance it has in the context of a culinary experience. The collection was even given a funny note, with the design of a dome in a botafumeiro bell style that enables the dish to be smelled before revealing its aspect and its taste.

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