The mushrooms season begins

At Can Jubany, autumn is announced by the arrival of mushrooms. This gastronomic delight so characteristic of our forests and of our culinary tradition enters the restaurant's carte to be a protagonist, as in the 'Carpaccio of Amanita caesarea with chips of foie, figs and pine nuts'.

Mushrooms are also a luxury companion in many of our dishes. Some good examples are the dishes 'Roasted chicken cannelloni with chanterelles and cream', the 'Risotto of autumn mushrooms' or the 'Egg cooked at low temperature with mushrooms, zucchini and paprika oil crumbles'.

September starts with novelties on our Carte

After the holidays, Can Jubany comes back with new dishes to renew the carte and incorporate seasonal products.

September has begun in the restaurant with new gastronomic proposals full of flavour and fresh touches suitable to enjoy the last weeks of summer. Some of these new dishes are 'gin and tonic meringue with redcurrant and our Waldorf salad', 'zucchini flower with cod brandade and creamy Katsuobushi', 'red prawn salad with pink sauce ice cream' and 'wild octopus with sautéed green beans'.

The figs also take center stage in the carte of Can Jubany with presence in different dishes like the 'Salad of tomato from the vegetable garden with goat cottage cheese and figs' or the desserts of 'Peach ice crystals with kefir yogurt and Palo Cortado'.

New central offices of the Jubany group

A few weeks ago we inaugurated the new headquarters of Jubany, located in the Mas El Romaní, just behind Can Jubany’s parking area.

So far the offices were located in El Serrat del Figaró, but the expansion of the team had made the offices’ room become insufficient.

The works at El Romaní lasted a few months because the building was fully reformed and transformed.

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