The truffle arrives at Can Jubany

The truffle arrives at Can Jubany at the best moment of its season to become part of the dishes of the Great Truffle Menu, a culinary proposition that is centred around this gastronomic jewel, and also of the experience Truffle Festival, that includes with the menu an outdoor activity to discover how to find it and collect this product in our territory.

Besides the starters of Tempura “Calçot” and romesco sauce, Homemade arbequine olive, Our “fuet” sausage cut at the table and crispy bacon and the Mini “escudella” soup with its meat, the Great Truffle Menu includes the following dishes:

 - Truffle millefeuilles with foie gras and caramelised apple
- Scarole salad with elver and truffle
- Potato gnocchi with Iberian velouté and truffle
- Sautéed Maresme green peas with foie and truffle
- Fried egg from our farm with potato soufflé, pork belly and truffle
- Cabbage cannelloni stuffed with roasted partridge and truffle
- Grilled bone marrow with beef tartar and truffle
- Whole truffle en papillote with Brussel Sprouts

Last but not least, the truffle plays a key role in the desserts too, highlighted in the dishes Truffled Tou de Til.lers cheese with orange and celery jam, and in the dish Let's go and search for truffles.

You can consult the detailed Great Truffle Menu and the rest of menus on Can Jubany’s carte.

Regarding the Truffle Festival, it is available from January 23 to March 15, and it is proposed in two modalities. The first one, With a truffle flavour, includes the Truffle Menu at Can Jubany and the Experience Truffle time with an outdoor activity to look for truffles and breakfast. The other option, Dream of truffles, is a complement to the first one with a night accommodation at the Hotel Mas Albereda in Sant Julià de Vilatorta. You can consult all the details in Experiences Jubany.

Can Jubany brings the vegetable garden to the kitchen

Can Jubany’s exterior space has been modificated during this month of January, to locate the vegetable garden in an area nearer the kitchen. This change has enabled to double the capacity of the vegetable garden and thus give more visibility to the place where lots of the ingredients that are served in the restaurant come from.

The new garden grows to get a total of 2,000 m2 and comes to occupy the place that was dedicated to the parking area. The clients will be able to leave their cars in a new equipped zone, maintaining the number of parking places that is divided into two levels, located amongst others on the area where Can Jubany’s vegetables were grown over the last years.

The location of the vegetable garden between the restaurant and the parking area enables the visitors to catch the way of conceiving the vegetable garden and the cuisine of Can Jubany. “We feel an excessive passion for our garden. We wanted everyone to visit it because until now lots of people did not realise where we took lots of our ingredients from. With the remodelling, we oblige all the visitors to access to Can Jubany through the garden”, Nandu Jubany says. 

The works have taken place during the first three weeks of January, taking advantage of Can Jubany’s holidays. in order to maintain the number of parking places, Can Jubany’s team will leave their vehicles on a newly prepared area beyond the visitors’ car park.

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