Nandu Jubany: "We will offer a new gastronomic experience at Can Jubany"

In the interview published by Cristina Jolonch on Sunday 22nd of April in La Vanguardia, Nandu Jubany reviews the latest challenges that have been achieved and the challenges ahead. You can read the full interview here.

Jubany explains that he likes challenges very much, "but not to earn more money, because - I can't eat twice - but because I need to continue carrying out new projects".

From the latest experience on the Dakar, he emphasises that "it helped me to realise that we don't have time to think, and when we do have a moment, and when we do get a bit of time, we waste it on our smartphone.”

The chef anticipates that in January 2019 he will launch a new experience at Can Jubany: "We have bought a farm in Vilanova de Sau where we will build a cheese factory, and we will have cows, bulls and 300 hens. Our customers will visit the farm before coming in the restaurant. We want to show them the farm, the vegetable garden and have an aperitif in the kitchen before they sit down to enjoy the meal.”

Nandu Jubany also explains that at the end of May or early June he will open the new Pur restaurant in Barcelona. "Pur is a restaurant where everything will happen around the kitchen. There will be a small bar for 10 people. The rest of the tables will surround the kitchen. It's a very nude product restaurant. I'm a product lover”.

We present À Trois at Alimentaria, the first gastronomic food supplements

This Wednesday we presented À Trois at Alimentaria, the first gastronomic food supplements that we developed side by side with Toni Solà, the nutritionist who helped me prepare the for the Dakar rally.

The project began to take shape in 2016. When I started my preparation for Dakar, Toni Solà provided me with the food supplements I needed. I couldn't believe it...they were technically very good in terms of nutritional value, but the taste and textures were not good. So, we didn't hesitate: we created a laboratory that would allow us to develop all kinds of products: gels, bars, concentrates, jelly beans... and there's plenty more to come!

We tested them well: they were essential supplements, helping me withstand the enormous physical demands of the Dakar rally. We are looking forward to making our products known to sportsmen and women and everyone who follow a healthy diet.

From the initial brand, Sports Gastronomy, we have now moved on to À Trois. The name aims to project the three fundamental elements of the project: the chef, the nutritionist and you! Albert Castellón from 'We do Partners' has now joined the project. So there are three of us, too!

Take a look at this video to find out more.

Nandu Jubany presents his signature catering at Hostelco Experience

Nandu Jubany gave two lectures on Tuesday in the Hostelco Experience space, on the topics of 'Turning catering into high cuisine' and 'Contemporary hotel cuisine. High Catalan tradition'.

The first took place in the format of an auditorium, where the Can Jubany chef explained how his gastronomic proposal is conveyed in events through some of the appetizers that can be found on the Jubany Events menus. Those who attended the event had the chance to taste 'The best olives in the world', 'Millefeuille with potato, steak tartare and caviar', 'Mochi prawn cocktail' and 'Carrot cake', as well as 'Whisky sour chocolates', ‘Chilly crab brioche’, ''Honey and cottage cheese toast with anchovies'', ''Shrimp omelette'', ''Baked tuna empanada'', ''Massini of foie gras'' and ''Steak tartare Hostelco'', especially prepared for the event.

In the second presentation, Nandu Jubany made a tour of the 7 gastronomic sites he manages at the Sport Hotel Hermitage in Soldeu, Andorra, explaining how his experience allows him to offer a wide range of gastronomic proposals. The presentation took on the form of a workshop, in which there were tastings of the 'Club Sandwich-1850' and 'Ying-Yang (Ferrero and Cheese Cake)'. Other dishes that served as an example of the Jubany variety were the 'Cesar Salad', 'Baked tuna empanada, "Oyster with caviar and cauliflower puree' from Origen, 'Trinxat with fried cabbage and fried egg' from Sol i Neu, and' Entrecote with wagyu, Bearnesa sauce and potato soufflé' from Arrels.

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