Video presentation – Ametller Origen

Today we are delighted to present this new project with Ametller Origen! We look forward to bringing our traditional cuisine into your home: grilled chicken and the best croquettes in the world.

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Nandu Jubany launches solidarity masks for coronavirus research.

Nandu Jubany and the company specialized in high quality kitchen clothing CSTY, have co-designed a solidarity mask to raise funds for research in the fight against the coronavirus.

Nandu Jubany becomes one of the most impactful influencers during confinement

Various media outlets have reported on the tremendous impact of Nandu’s home recipes since the beginning of confinement.

As explained in the article by El9nou_receptesNandu, Nandu Jubany's Instagram account has risen from 112,000 followers to about 190,000 since the beginning of confinement until now, and is still growing.

In February, the increase in followers was about 50 daily. The growth is now about 2,400 followers a day, on average.

Recipes don’t just go viral on Instagram. Hundreds of comments, interactions, and retweets are multiplied daily on Twitter for each recipe, and Facebook continues to receive appreciative comments for Nandu’s recipes and his natural way of explaining them.

The most successful recipe so far has been cheesecake with about 14,000 likes, followed by the brioche baba bread with vanilla in burnt rum and ice cream, and macaroni a là bolognese.

Nandu has been interviewed on various radio and television shows due to the strong impact of his recipes. Only yesterday, Paula Molés wrote this article in the section "A cannibal restaurant in Berlin" in El Suplement de Catalunya Ràdio. Molés compiles various reactions from Nandu’s fans to answer the question "Why does the Nandu phenomenon engage so many followers?"

Some say that “Nandu manages to convey joy and optimism in very difficult times, and seeing his attitude makes one feel good. In addition, he is a great communicator who engages”. Others say: "I like the fact that he makes the videos at home with his family. It's as if he was in your own kitchen.”

Either way, Nandu has become one of the phenomena of confinement in Catalonia.

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