Cooking with "La Vanguardia". Black cuttlefish rice, with artichoke and bacon

Prepare all the ingredients: bacon, rice, onion, ripe tomato, artichokes, cuttlefish, garlic, green pepper, saffron, asparagus and parsley, and follow the recipe here

Ten hours of solidarity marathon with Carlos Latre

Comedian Carlos Latre, well known for his imitations, led a 10-hour session of entertainment, humour, talks, music and surprises in support of the fight against Covid-19. This was the first ‘online’ marathon with the highest number of famous participants performing from their own homes. We have also helped and participated in this great fundraising initiative for the #joemcorono campaign.
Read the full story here.

Confinement recipes. Making a potato omelette on TV3's "Tot Es Mou" programme

Confinement is awakening many people’s talent. Music, sports, art activities ... but everyone faces cooking every day. Today on TV3's Tot Es Mou programme with Helena Garcia Melero, we explain how to make a succulent potato omelette

You can watch the programme by clicking

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