Recipes from Nandu’s home during confinement

As you know, whether confined or not, Nandu Jubany never stops. So, during these days of confinement he has decided to share the recipes he prepares at home daily with the family.

There is a bit of everything: Steak with vine tomatoes, Maties's father’s casseroled noodle recipe, Bananas with rum, Family caramel cream, Soubise Beixamel sauce, Baked fish, Lamb, Tenderloin, White Beans or Cream Bun, are a few examples.

The videos can be found on all of Nandu's social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and there is also a playlist on Jubany's Youtube channel.

In Nandu’s words: "I am happy to contribute to this situation, even from the stoves at home. If you enjoy it or have dared to cook them, I'm the happiest man on Earth!"

Good health to all!

Nandu Jubany explains how he sees the current situation on TV3 and RAC1

On Tuesday, March 31st, the TV3 programme Planta Baixa went live with Nandu Jubany.
From his home, Nandu explained how he was living the days of confinement and why he is sharing his recipes. During the interview, Nandu explained that the situation was complicated and he mentioned the restaurants he runs in Singapore, where the facilities have been opened but following very important health and hygiene measures.
He also said that, together with other chefs, they are trying to organise collective giant paellas in front of the main hospitals and Health Centers in Catalonia to thank all healthcare workers for their work.

In the studio, everybody agreed and said that they were sure there could be no better house to be confined in than Nandu's, having a cook like him in the kitchen.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.

He was also interviewed by Jordi Basté in El Món a RAC1 on Thursday, April 2nd. Nandu Jubany once again described the experience his restaurants in Singapore are living. And said that they were closely following the countries that are further into the pandemic and also that they are starting to consider how to reopen and rebuild their customers’ social confidence after the confinement. You can listen the full interview by clicking here.

Finally, he also took part in “Popap” from Catalunya Radio. Laura Ponts, who manages Nandu’s Instagram, explained, next to Nandu, the craziness about the viralization of Nandu’s recipes during these days.
Listen the full interview just clicking here.

Can Jubany revalidates the 3 Suns in the 2020 Repsol Guide

Can Jubany has revalidated the highest distinction awarded by the prestigious Repsol Guide, the 3 Soles (the 3 suns.)
In Catalonia, apart from Can Jubany, this distinction has only been awarded to El Reller de Can Roca, Àbac, Cocina Hermanos Torres, Enjoy, Lasarte, Tickets, Via Veneto, Sol Blanc, Peralada Castle, La Boscana, Malena, El Celler de l'Arbocet, Ferran Cerro, Les Moles and now also, since yesterday, Les Cols!

And we are double celebrating because our Petit Comitè in Barcelona, for the first time entered the Guides 1 Sol (1 sun) category yesterday.
Thus, Petit becomes one of the 16 restaurants in Barcelona with this distinction, alongside Moments, Al Kostat, Aürt, Dos Peppers, Oria, Sofía Be So and Xavier Pellicer.

Nandu Jubany and Anna Orte on behalf of Can Jubany, and Melani Sevilla and Ramon Blanch on behalf of Petit Comitè collected the respective awards, which were presented at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian yesterday.

With 41 years of history, this year’s new Repsol Guide has presented a change in the rating system, which has been developed alongside the Basque Culinary Center, comprising evaluations from 50 inspectors and more than 1300 restaurants visited in Spain in 2019.
In addition, the overall customer experience is taken into account, from the moment you make the reservation until you leave the restaurant. Variables such as sustainability, zero kilometre foods, circular economy and project consistency, service and winery also come into play.

We are glad that the efforts of our teams and the experience of our clients have been recognized! We wish to congratulate all of our colleagues from other restaurants who have also received distinctions.

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