The Comertia Retail Conference

The Comertia Retail Conference held during the month of November aims to share business experiences of brands that have shown resilience, despite the pandemic situation. And that have been able to find opportunities for expansion, new lines of business or bring new products and/or services to the market. Giving visibility to this world of opportunities that we have within our reach and transmitting hope for the future of retail.

During the 19th Retail Day organised by Comertia, Nandu Jubany focused his participation on the resilience and overcoming that he and the Jubany Group have experienced first-hand.
In the debate, Nandu Jubany will reveal the keys to success that have helped them and that have made the group more courageous, always with dedication, effort and joint work.

Metafomorfosis Exhibition by Tatiana Blanqué

Nandu Jubany present on the Metafomorfosis Exhibition by Tatiana Blanqué at SEAT’s house in Barcelona from 3 to 25 November.
A photographic exhibition together with great chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Carme Ruscalleda in favour of the catering sector, which has been so hard hit during the pandemic.
A collection in which the author Tatiana Blanqué reflects on the transformation that the sector is undergoing, and which is already planned for other cities such as Bilbao and Poland.

Reopening Pur

After 1 year, 7 months and 20 days, we reopened Pur in Barcelona.
The whole team is very happy and excited to be able to welcome you back home and make you enjoy this more PURe cuisine.

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