GASTROPIRINEUS 2021 - Receptes de temporada i proximitat

This year 2021 at GastroPirineus we have prepared recipes for you with seasonal and local products, so that you can follow and try to cook new ideas and above all enjoy yourselves doing it:
- Drowned asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and caviar
- Drowned peas with asparagus, white asparagus and egg yolk
- Garoine with Hollandaise sauce and caviar
- Chicory and smoked salad.

It has been a great pleasure for me to be present in this new edition, we are very grateful to you, thank you very much !!!!

The opening of Petit Comitè

We are very happy to announce that from Wednesday 21st, we will open again the doors to Petit Comité in Barcelona. You can already call to make your reservations, we are looking forward to meet you again.
See you soon family!

Interview with Lluís SoldeVila

Thank you very much, Lluís, you made me think a lot and deeply analyze many things, having the people I have by my side with the family we have created, everything we propose seems easier! Thank you for the experience and for the journey we still have to live.

If you would like to see the whole interview you can find it on YouTube - Lluís Soldevila;

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