Revolution 4.0

This August 14th with Revolution 4.0 we have been on TV3 with Xantal Llavina and Santiago Niño Becerra sharing a conversation full of optimism, realism and diverse ideas of what the world of tomorrow will be like! The idea of reinventing oneself in the Jubany family has been key during the pandemic and even more now during the post pandemic. We hope you like the program and that you can debate and share your opinions with all of us.

Isidre Esteve Foundation Event

July 28th for the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Isidre Esteve Foundation has given rise to an event at the Circuit de Catalunya. An event in which a solidarity race has been organised with various styles of bicycle, which has been carried out for a good cause, to support and help those in need, always motivating them to move forward. Sport and solidarity brings people together. Thank you very much to everyone and especially to my friend Isidre Esteve.

Interview KIDS XS

Thank you very much to the KIDS XS program for inviting me and especially to Txell Bonet for this beautiful interview.

You have made me remember great moments of my childhood and family. For us, the family is the anchor. I have been fortunate to share with my children some of my passions such as motocross. We also share many things as I said our song Boig per tu by SAU, when we are celebrating or we are happy because something has gone well, we put this song, for us it means a lot, it is already the soundtrack of the family and the Jubany team.

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