Interview with Lluís SoldeVila

Thank you very much, Lluís, you made me think a lot and deeply analyze many things, having the people I have by my side with the family we have created, everything we propose seems easier! Thank you for the experience and for the journey we still have to live.

If you would like to see the whole interview you can find it on YouTube - Lluís Soldevila;

Sharing experiences with my idol, Toni Bou

It has been a day of new experiences and above all many smiles. Toni Bou and Nandu Jubany have exchanged roles during the day. Both have been able to see and learn from each other's qualities and passions, in the kitchen and on the bike.

Nandu - "It has been a gift for me to have been able to share kitchen with one of my great idols, a genius of the sport and 28 times Trial World Champion, Toni Bou. After the challenge in the kitchen we have moved on to his field and we have laughed a lot and shared many good moments riding the bike together."


The celebration of the Annual Gala for the Soles awards of the Guía Repsol in Donostia, has been one of the most important moments for the restoration.

We are very proud to be awarded once again with these 3 Repsol Soles at Can Jubany and to renew one more year in the Petit Comitee. And we are especially thrilled to receive the first Sol in Pecador, Eivissa.

Many thanks to all the team and to all the Jubany family for making it possible in this year of uncertainties. With everyone's effort we have made way to new projects and we hope to continue walking together with the same strength and resilience that we have shown during 2020.
Also to all the people for your warm support and for valuing the work that we do with so much enthusiasm.

Hopefully you can continue enjoying our home!

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