Fòrum Gastronòmic Barcelona '22

This Tuesday November 8th we have been present at the latest edition of Fòrum Gastronòmic in Barcelona. A gastronomic event that brings together professionals, shows us new markets and trends etc ... that there are today in our sector.

On this occasion we have taken the opportunity to explain how the idea of creating La Família Jubany arose. Since for the same family and the whole team is very important to thank all those who have always shown us their support and follow us in everything we do since ever.

A pleasure to have been able to be present! Thank you very much to all of you who came!!!!

Tot Es Mou

On November 7, the TV3 program - Tot Es Mou made a live connection for its 1000 programs. Nandu Jubany was invited to speak a little about what he learned and how the Jubany team managed to get something positive out of the confinement period, a very difficult stage for many and that Nandu wanted to share with everyone on social media with daily recipes and that you can find into the "Receptes per compartir amb família" book. .

Thank you for always following us and supporting us family!

La Família Jubany

On Monday, 31 October, the team wanted to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Can Jubany with one of the oldest traditions – the slaughter of pigs with the entire Jubany family.

On the occasion we made the elaborations that were carried out during a traditional slaughter: sausages, greas etc.
The guests were able to enjoy one day at Mas D'Osor and take a taste of some of the dishes made from the pig.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended and was there on a day of celebration!!!

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