San Sebastián Gastronomika 22'

In a new edition of San Sebastian Gastronomika, the High Cuisine Congress that has been held internationally since 1999.

Once again we have attended on behalf of Es Còdol Foradat in Formentera with the preparation of our emblematic - Trilogy of Lobster which consists of a tour of three dishes: 1. The boiled head with its salpicón 2. The grilled tail flamed with cognac, fried egg and fried potatoes 3. Legs and coral with mellow rice.

It is a pleasure to be part of a unique event in the world of gastronomy where chefs from all over the world come together to prepare their creations on stage in real time.

Thank you!!

Summer season 2022

We have finished the second season at AiguaAire and the seventh at Can Carlitos!!!

A very special season, thanks to all those who came to see us and make it possible year after year. We hope to be able to continue enjoying many more seasons with all of you.

Diamant Espai Gastronòmic renews

Diamant Espai Gastrònomic located in The Embassy building in Andorra and opened in January 2021 is renewed.
A renovation in order that the current diaphanous space of the room where the gastronomic tour is located with different islands as a way of cooking in front of the customers will make a step forward in order to gain in warmth and ultimately be more welcoming.
The gastronomic offer will also make a step forward to stay as current as possible.
The reopening is scheduled for Thursday October 13, we wait for you in the new Diamant!!!

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