Opening Es Còdol Foradat

After two seasons with Es Còdol Foradat consolidated in Formentera, we are now in the third season, opening on April 7th.

We are very excited to be with all of you for one more season. From May 12 we will also open Aigua and Can Carlitos!


Next Sunday 24th April we will present the new project "La Família Jubany", which is probably one of the most important projects we have created and which we are very excited about.

The idea of creating this project arose when, with La Morena, we looked back over the summary of these 26 years, and we realised that the most important and remarkable thing is not the stars, nor the suns, nor all the awards we have received over the years... but what we are most excited about is your esteem and your unconditional support in everything we have done and continue to do.

That's why we want all those people who have accompanied us and trusted us over the years to form part of the Jubany family and to continue to encourage us and help us to continue growing, making our profession meaningful.

Thus, we hope to create a family that will accompany us in the present and the future, on a day-to-day basis, with enthusiasm and esteem for our way of life and everything we do. A community of ambassadors with whom we can share our path, our experiences and our projects, which have been created by all those people we have met in this wonderful world of cooking.

Visit to the school Sant Ignasi Jesuïtes de Sarrià

This Thursday Nandu was in the school "Sant Ignasi Jesuïtes de Sarrià", after having visited "l'Escola d'Hosteleria d'Osona" and the "CETT" of Barcelona, to make the presentation of our first book "Receptes per compartir en família". It was attended by 135 students of the school of different formative cycles. He explained what has been the trajectory of the Jubany world and what we hope to be its future. We also enjoyed a very nice and exciting interview with students and teachers. It is a pleasure to be able to share our experience with all those who will be part of the future of our profession!!!!

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