Truffle Weekend at Trufforum!

On Saturday, January 25th, together with Quico Arumí, the chef of Can Jubany, we participated in the Trufforum, the truffle festival held in Vic.
Led by journalist Helena Garcia Melero, we presented some of the dishes from the Can Jubany truffle menu in a room fit to burst in the El Sucre building,

On Friday 24th in the evening, the Jubany Events team was responsible for the opening appetiser that took place in the Sala Sert of the Sucre building in Vic.
And to add to it all, Ferran Adrià, this year proclaimed ambassador of the Trufforum, visited Can Jubany and tasted our truffle menu.

All in all, it was a great weekend!!!

At the presentation of the book "Our traditional cuisine"

This Wednesday, January 22nd, I couldn’t miss the presentation of the book "Our traditional cuisine" that took place at Palau Robert in Barcelona.
The book contains three great ingredients elaborated by three great figures: a selection of texts by Josep Pla dedicated to Catalan gastronomy, wines, taverns and French gastronomy, illustrations by Ferran Adrià and comments by Jaume Fàbrega.

An incredible book that vindicates the role of Catalan cuisine!

Canal Taronja interviews Can Jubany

This Wednesday, January 22nd, Canal Taronja broadcast an interview we did in Can Jubany where I talked a little about everything: my projects and my priorities.

I made it very clear that I see the team as a big family, because even though we are not all members of the same family, we all work towards the same end. All the people who work for Can Jubany know that we seek to create an unforgettable experience when clients visit
our home.

And, yes, I also modestly claimed that I feel we have long deserved a second Michelin star because I believe we're doing very well and have the standards to receive a second star. However, I am happy to continue keeping the Star we have had since 1998.

We chatted a little about everything, about our vegetable garden and the peas we are harvesting these days, about the training the whole team is receiving and also about the customer experience at the restaurant.

You can watch the interview here.

“Let’s cook 2020”: supporting Mas Albornà’s social calendar

Once again, I didn’t hesitate one second in supporting the Mas Albornà Foundation, dedicated to the social and labour insertion of people with physical and mental disabilities posing for this year’s social calendar titled "Let’s cook 2020".

Renowned chefs and professionals in the world of gastronomy have contributed by appearing in the calendar. The aim is that the foundation's thirteenth calendar becomes a tribute to good gastronomy and its values.

As a novelty, the calendar features a recipe from each chef. The collection of recipes can be removed from the calendar, so that at the end of the year you can enjoy a small recipe book with 12 very personal gastronomic offers from leading chefs.

Proud of my mother, in 'My Parents' with Gemma Nierga

This Thursday December 19th, the TV programme "My parents" presented by Gemma Nierga was broadcast on TV3.
I can’t express the emotion and pride I felt when I saw the edited show.

Seeing my family open heartedly filled me with pride and emotion.
But above all, I think the programme was a tribute to my mother, Elena, who has always taught us values such as effort, hard work and a spirit of self-improvement. My mother taught me to be brave.
And yes, I have been well portrayed!!! Mum and my sisters made it clear, "He was naughty!"

I'm sure that wherever he is, Eudald my Dad and my guardian angel also watched the show.

Probably many people say the same thing, but I am convinced that I have the best mother in the world and also the most amazing guardian angel who looks after me!!!

As Mum says: Life is too good to feel sorry. You must be happy in life!
Don't miss this amazing woman. You can watch the show
here .

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